Our Solutions

All data from work activities are initiated, tracked, stored, and reported in Inspect IQ’s™ cloud-based management software. Our software captures the real-time progress of our inspectors allowing our clients to track and trend inspection productivity throughout the project life cycle. This enhances and optimizes scheduling, mitigates project overruns, as well as helps optimizes other trades including insulation, welding, and mechanical operations.

Inspect IQ™ has been continuously developed over the last 7 years and offer the following key features:


Integrates with Client Software Platforms for real-time error-free communication.


6 years of embedded quality control to reduce or eliminate technician error.


Embedded technical specifications and QC checks.


Auto Analysis & reporting ensuring the highest inspection accuracy and repeatability


A state-of-the-art client dashboard providing project KPI’s in real-time.


Transparency, remote and immediate access to all documentation and record-keeping.


Easy access to current and historical reports in real-time at any time.

The Promise Of Insight

As an ultra high-tech inspection and integrity assessment services partner, only Inspect IQ provides asset owners with the best, most precise and most actionable diagnostic information, while consistently striving to achieve Beyond Zero Harm.